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The Mysteries of Machu Picchu

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By: Globus


It now seems straight out of Indiana Jones. In the summer of 1911, a dashing American explorer named Hiram Bingham led a Yale University expedition through the jungles near Cuzco to discover an unknown ruin perched on a spectacular Andean crag: the “lost city of the Incas.” Adv...

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By: Globus


Paris is a city full of sites to see. Make your European trip one to remember by checking out these exciting Parisian destinations.


Montmartre, Latin Quarter

Try a walking tour of the Montmartre district, where artists such as Picasso, ...

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Ocean Cruising vs River Cruising: Which one is for you?

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By: Carlo Lagaya

Summer is almost here, which means 3 months worth of the hottest days in your life. It is also the perfect time to go on a vacation where you can spend your hot summer days relaxing and seeing all the world has to offer. What better way to make the most out of your vacation time than with a cruise? Of course, plenty of cruise packages are being offered by many travelling agencies, each with different perks and prices, so the issue boils down to which kind of cruise you ...

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Rio De Janeiro: Wild Nights at the Copa

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By: Globus


I don't think Barry Manilow had this in mind when he wrote "Copacabana."


Looming above Rio de Janeiro’s most famous beach, the Copacabana Palace would have to be one of the world’s most infamous celebrity hotels. Modeled on the glamorous resorts of the Riviera, it opened in 1923 and soon became the place to stay for Hollywood stars and Europea...

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